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Investigating Range Change in Subtropical Birds and Possible Links to Global Warming Using A Publicly-Accessible Robotic Camera


CONE was running from 12 May 2008 to 9 May 2011. The project is now completed. We would like to thank hundreds of our online citizen scientists for their invaluable contributions to the project. You can find our results in these two papers [1, 2]. Our dataset for bird photos is available here .

Special Thanks to our Ten "Principal Photographers"

Play CONE-Welder, a Networked Tele-Robotic Observatory Game

Have fun while helping scientists document climate effects. Play this online game using a robotic webcamera to help Smithsonian Institution researchers document the presence of subtropical birds that may be affected by global warming.

CONE-Welder is a Collaborative Observatory for Natural Environments at the Welder Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. It is a collaborative research project led by:

Welder Wildlife Foundation (Dr. Selma Glasscock)
Smithsonian National Zoological Park (Dr. John Rappole)
Texas A&M (Prof. Dezhen Song)
UC Berkeley (Prof. Ken Goldberg)
National Science Foundation